Filmmaker, Photographer & Video Editor

Based in Melbourne, VIC

About Me


Hi, I'm Stanley.

I'm a filmmaker, photographer & video editor. In 2014, I graduated my course of Screen and Media: Film and Television Production - during my studies, I gained a variety of knowledge and experience in the film and television industry; whether in the form of directing, camera operating, sound designing, editing and a wide range more.

Filmmaking has always been a passion to me since the age of 12. I started off having film editing as a hobby and since then, it has branched off many different levels of interest and hobbies that particularly inspire me as an individual such as photography and design; additionally, I also enjoy working on web and graphic design and have worked with various clients within this field.

Prioritizing my focus on videography and video editing, being able to create more original short films whilst gradually developing my writing and directing skills is a goal I am working towards. Being mostly self-taught, I find that creativity plays a huge part of my life as I strive to obtain uniqueness in each of the projects I work on.


Imagination and innovation; both of which play a key role when it comes to being behind the camera. Learning along the way, my main objective is to create.
Create more.


Adapting skills and techniques from videography, photography is more of a side hobby. Currently, I aim to achieve better ways of portraying my photography style each day.


My strongest and most developed skill.
As someone who sets a high standard for themselves, my form of editing can often be described and expressed as divergent and unique.



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